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150+ of the most popular blogs and news sites about the WorldWideWeb [The OPML files]

It’s no secret we completely disagree regarding the recent discussions over the death of RSS and as a commitment to it, we’re starting a new series titled The OPML files.

The series will feature lists of the most respected and popular blogs & sites in various different categories, and to make things easier for you – we’ve done the hard work and include an OPML file for each list.

What is an OPML file? nothing complicated , all you really need to know is that its the file that RSS subscriber use when exporting and importing RSS feeds.

Today, we feel its appropriate to start with Web/Tech Blogs.

How did we compile each list? Frankly, research. For each industry the mechanism and sources are going to be different. For tech blogs for example, we’ve looked at traffic, Technorati, Digg, Techmeme, recommendations and other lists.

So lets get started: Below are the list of the sites included and their RSS feeds:


Phillip Smith said...

Where is the OPML file?

XenMeng said...

OPML file? is the file format for feed that use to import and export the file contents.

Aayush said...

I thought there would be a opml file I could just import that would give me all of these...maybe you could export one and make a link to it here.

Anonymous said...

yeah wtf

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